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American Cosplay Paradise

Cosplay is the act of dressing up as your favorite anime or videogame characters. American Cosplay Paradise (ACP) is an archive of female cosplayers in America. People can submit their costumes for display in our database, if they fulfill the requirements. The largest site I've done so far, it holds over 250 cosplayer profiles.

The University of Chicago School Mathematics Project

This site was completed as part of my job as Network and Web Administrator while I was in college. The layout there is actually a third revision - the first was very rough, done in 1998. They then hired a professional designer, and in 2001 I redesigned it to take advantage of newer web technologies.


A fan-based site on Gungrave, an action game for the Playstation 2. Made purely on a whim, I still need to add a couple things to it.

Future Projects


One of my favorite Japanese music groups, I bought the domain name about a year ago, but was too busy at the time to make a site for it. I feel motivated to make it this year however, and I think I'll also use that site to play around with Macromedia Flash a little. We'll see how it turns out...


I absolutely love this show, but there's a lack of english sites with information on it. I hope to have this up and running by the time the first American DVD comes out in July, but seeing as how it's the end of May as I write this, I better get my ass in gear...

Con Reports

For years, I've done reports and photo galleries of the anime conventions I've attended, but they've always been in haphazard locations on the web, and no real central source to find them from. Well, no more of that! (Please note, clicking on the links below will open up a new window)

Anime Expo 1998
Anime Central 1999
Project A-Kon 1999
Anime Expo 1999
Fanime 2000
Project A-Kon 2000
Anime Expo 2000
Katsucon 2001
Fanime 2001
Anime Central 2001
Anime Expo 2001
San Diego Comic Con 2001
Anime Central 2002
Fanime 2002

Note: The images on these convention reports are not to be used on other sites without my permission. Thanks!

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