As if Anime Central 2002 wasn't enough, I find myself going to Fanime a week after! The official excuse for going was because my friend Wayne needed an extra person for his skit. That and I owed somebody money for helping my club's skit out, so what better way to pay her back than in person?

Now, let's run through that again: Because Genjitsu OWED somebody money, he spent MORE money by going all the way to California to pay them back. As you can see, logic isn't exactly his strongest asset.

But regardless, it was a great chance to see all his West Coast friends again! It's been half a year, and no doubt he was a fading memory over there. But with his comeback at ACen, it was time to remind everybody that the G in Genjitsu stood for "Greatness!"

(Or was that Goofiness?)

Regardless, follow his adventures in the Santa Clara Westin hotel, as he endures Morning Musume, identity crises, weird Chinese food, and trying to keep his pants on...