Ah, the first few seconds when you wake up and have no recollection of what happened the night before. What bliss. During those few seconds, Genjitsu sleepily opened his eyes. For some reason, he felt really good when he woke up, a sense of fulfillment, of tranquility. He rolled to the side, to sink into the pillow and enjoy the feeling of peace a little more.

Then he saw the girl in his bed, sleeping right next to him.


A million thoughts went through his head. Who was she?! How did this happen!? How did he get so lucky!? Did he USE PROTECTION!? Genjitsu was in bliss, as he realized that even if he didn't remember any of it, he might've actually gotten lucky with a girl for the first time!

But then the few seconds of ignorance ended, and he realized that it was just Hichan. What a way to start the day, he thought to himself as he crawled into the bathroom to freshen up. By the time he was done, Wayne had arrived to the hotel as well. They ran into the convention center for masquerade checkin, and they also met up with Mochi-Mochi! They had decided to pass ACen and come to Fanime, which meant Genjitsu was very lucky! The three began finishing up the rest of the Angelic Layer outfits, while listening to more Morning Musume. Genjitsu tried his best to resist their temptations, while Wayne laughed evilly the whole time. Genjitsu also developed a hostility towards Hichan's glue gun, which didn't seem to understand that it's supposed to make the glue stay in liquid form for more than 2 seconds.

After he finished making her headband,Genjitsu took a break by running through the dealer's room to take a few more pictures. En route, he ran into a Houshin Engi group! They even had a Suupuu! Genjitsu's first reaction was to spontaneously jump on Suupuu's back and ride it, but then he remembered that he wasn't wearing a Taikoubou costume. He also found out that the group was Pikacello and her friends! His first meeting with her was kind of rushed, but he was delighted to have seen their group at last. He also ran into JayJay, someone he had met a long time ago. What surprised him was that despite his wearing Dom's badge, she recognized him! Shock!

A few more pictures were taken, and Genjitsu's tummy started acting like his brain - empty and grumbling. Running back to the hotel, he managed to place his order in for Chinese food - chicken chow fuun noodles. While he waited Genjitsu put some finishing touches on Hichan's headband, and cursed her glue gun some more. At last they came back with lunch, and Genjitsu dived into his noodles, chewing the chicken savagely!
And chewing.
And still chewing.
Genjitsu realized something was odd, because normally chicken doesn't take this long to chew. Spitting it out, he witnessed as it bounced on his styrofoam container. Interesting. Trying another piece, he experienced the same results. His conclusion was that the chinese restaurant, perhaps out of spite at ordering such a plain dish, gave him the display model, also known as rubber chicken! The noodles were almost as rubbery, but by that point he didn't care, and slurped it down. Wondering if noodles could bounce, he went downstairs with everybody for masquerade line-up!

Masquerade seemed to be better run this year - there was an actual green room with a TV, and lots of space outside for last minute skit practice. Henry came up with a last minute improv of taking his opponent's picture right before their match: "I want a picture of my quickest win!" He also had to think up of some time killing choreography for Wayne and Hichan, since the music was slightly longer than expected. Between that, schmoozing with Mochi (and having his life threatened as a result of them staying in-character), being in awe over the martial arts cosplayers in their Dynasty Warriors outfits, and being chased by random people asking for socks, the wait wasn't so bad. The skit itself came out smoothly enough - the audience really liked it when Wayne and Hichan came out! On the whole, all the skits were good - the MC had his German accent as usual, but at least he was somewhat witty.

After masquerade, Genjitsu and the others were hungry again, and Grandis wanted to conduct an interview with some of the cosplayers, so that meant a trip to Denny's! And, as is usual for that time of evening, the waiting line was obscenely long. They lost Kimi while waiting, as she proceeded to fall asleep next to the UFO catcher machine. Everybody was finally seated at two tables, and over a meal of sandwiches and breakfast food, Grandis conducted her interview. There were some interesting answers raised, though Genjitsu could not remember any of them, from being so tired. He DOES remember plugging in ACP though, like a good little minion. Afterwards, everything gets even fuzzier, with the exception of his one moment of clarity for the evening:

Karrie: "God, it's freezing out here!"
Genjitsu: "Bah, this is nothing in Chicago"
Karrie: "...Tell me that without your pants, HA!"
Genjitsu: "Ok..." *unzip* *fall*
Everybody: "OH MY AAAAAAAAH!!!!"

Moral Lesson: Never try to win an argument against a man with no dignity.

On that note, Genjitsu ran back to bed and collapsed - the combination of food coma and skit exhaustion completely drained him. He was semi-awake for certain periods of time, and had pleasant dreams as warm bodies sat on him throughout the night.