Unlike most reports, this tale does not begin in the hotel. Oh no, this begins on the flight TO Fanime. A while back, Genjitsu was introduced to a song by a group called Happa Tai. The name of that song was "Yatta!", and it was a really catchy melody. He decided it would be a fun song to sing at Karaoke! But, he didn't have time to learn the lyrics beforehand, so he burned the song to CD and listened to it on the plane. Unfortunately, he had forgotten to bring other music with him, and as a result, he listened to the song over and over. For FOUR hours. Four hours of YATTA. The shadow of the true meaning of terror had been set...

But anyways, Genjitsu arrived at the hotel around 1, but he couldn't find any of his friends! Calling Tiff by cell phone, he finally stumbled onto her at the convention center, where she was practicing with the rest of the girls for their Morning Musume routine. Genjitsu, having cut his hair, was virtually unrecognizeable, so he stood in the corner and watched as they attempted to coordinate a dance. They actually had diagrams that vaguely resembled football strategies, and everything was perfectly planned out on paper! This of course, did not prevent them from still looking like chickens with their heads cut off, since some members weren't there yet, and for others this was their first time actually performing the routine. Genjitsu found this all very amusing, and laughed quietly, but was soon getting dirty and strange looks from the girls. When he realized they didn't recognize him, he finally walked up and said hi to Tiff.

After everybody was relieved that it was Genjitsu and not some weirdo that was watching them practice, they called a break and went for lunch in the hotel lobby. Genjitsu had eaten on the plane already, so while Tiff munched on her burger and Hichan plowed through a steak, Genjitsu entertained everybody by playing Morning Musume videos on his laptop. There wasn't room on the table, so he had to place the laptop on his lap, and for a while, everybody paid attention to Genjitsu's crotch. From there, they went back to the hotel room, and rested a bit. Genjitsu wandered around some more, checking out the dealer's room and fooling various people by claiming he was his actually Genjitsu's clone, Dom.

Hmm, the memory is fuzzy here, so we'll fast forward to Friday night, where they had their traditional sushi night out! It was a large group as per tradition, and naturally, for every person you add to a group, you add 15 more minutes to the time it takes for that group to actually leave. So, as per tradition, they left about an hour later than usual, split up between three cars. Genjitsu also managed to squeeze in a running for his life, as he ran into his Shisho Kami-chan and had her chase him with a large metal fan. Sushi Lovers, the name of the restaurant, was great as usual, and Genjitsu ate much sushi. He tried to use his suave charm to convince Ruri-chan to pay for some of his sushi, but she was too clever: "My pile of dishes wasn't that high a few minutes ago! And yours wasn't that small either!"

With his belly full, Genjitsu and the others went back to the hotel. Most of the events had winded down already, so the only thing that was left was: KARAOKE!

Karaoke was uneventful. Genjitsu sang Yatta, and walked off stage. Yes, quite uneventful. Nothing more than that.

Anyways, after karaoke Genjitsu went to see what the others were doing. Being so dedicated, Tiff and the others were practicing their routine again, Matt was wandering around drunk, and other people were scattered. Genjitsu had no sleep the night before, because Wayne told him at the last minute that he needed him to make the skit soundtrack. And if there's one good thing about the Santa Clara Westin hotel, it's the comfty pillows. With that said, Genjitsu drifted off into dreamland...