I don't know how I pulled it off, but I managed to make it to two conventions in a row, AND maintain my level of whackiness. It was really great seeing old and familiar faces, and I think I showed them that there's still life in me yet! I have to admit, there was a fun aspect to sneaking around in the convention, and having people look at you as if they recognize you from somewhere, but they can't quite put where - and then being promptly confused because you actually have someone else's badge. I REALLY felt the urge of the cosplayer grow within me again with this con - which means I'll have to gear up and prep for AX!

So with that said, thank you everybody - Tiff for letting me stay in the room and having her tempura ice cream, Wayne for letting me play a role in the skit, and everybody else who made me feel like I'm a fellow West Coaster!

Oh wait, before this report officially ends, you're probably wondering, "Hey, SOMETHING must've happened at Karaoke! Genjitsu would never talk about something so quickly!"

To that I say, "Yatta!" and "Osu Osu Osu!"