Scattered across the nation...

(Well, not really, more like just California and Chicago)

Barely knowing each other...

(Then again, they all e-mailed each other a lot...)

The 5 adventurers, their lives tied by destiny, meeting that fateful weekend, as the cherry blossoms bloomed...

(What kind of shoujo crap is this?! It's just 1 high school youngin, 3 college students, and 1 old graduate student meeting in boiling Texas!)

Genjitsu's Akon 10 Page

Akon Badge

Welcome to Genjitsu's Akon 10 page! Against insurmountable odds, treacherous odds, and perilous dangers, I braved the trip to Texas, all for the sake of cosplaying and anime fandom! (Actually, the only thing I had to face was the chemistry exam waiting for me on Monday as I promptly threw common sense out the window and went to Akon the week before finals). It was definitely worth it though, as Akon became one of the more unforgettable conventions in this cosplayer's short history! The costumes were great, the skits were funny, and heck, any convention that has a bouncy elevator is not worth missing! I spent the weekend with the great "award winning" (wow, that still sounds impressive) Ah My Goddess Group from Anime Expo 1998!

(What's that Genjitsu? You spent the weekend with 3 goddesses in a hotel room? You dog you!!)


Get your mind out of the gutter, what are you thinking?!!!

(Besides, my partner in crime Wayne was there too)

(Though he wasn't ALWAYS in the room, especially that night...!)

Ahem, like I said, nothing happened!

Anyways, our primary costumes were from Sakura Taisen, or Sakura Wars, a popular Sega Saturn game made into an anime OAV series. And, better prepared than Anime Central 99, Genjitsu brought his trusty digital camera, with TWO memory cards! Even better, Wayne brought his notebook, to dump the pictures onto!! With the two powers combined, hundreds of Akon cosplay pics would flood the Net!!! No cosplayer would be spared!!

...So why isn't the net flooded? Why were cosplayers spared?

...Well, we're too nice to do something like that.

Actually, what ended up happening was people kept on asking for pictures of us, we spent more time posing than actually going out and getting pictures of other cosplayers! As the majority of pictures were of our group (between being goddesses and Imperial Opera performers, do you expect any modesty here?), this page is more of a recollection of the entire weekend experience. But fret not, some cosplayers weren't spared! Join us as we travel down memory lane, along with a few "Commentary" stops along the way!

New! Access uncensored, H-O-T scenes of the Sakura Taisen girls, with nice, big pictures!!!!

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