Genjitsu's Akon 10 Page


In short, Akon 10 was a successful con for Genjitsu: Little sleep, little food, but lots of fun! There were definitely a lot of memories made, some more crazy than others. Genjitsu can now head home to rest...until Anime Expo 1999! Be on the lookout for Genjitsu, as he feverishly works on his "mystery" costume!

Final Comments:

Urd/Sakura - Bah, you weren't crazy enough at Akon! Better watch out, I'll be twice as hyper at AX with no school to worry about! I'm gonna follow you around and keep pulling your wings, muhahahahahahaha *forgets that her costume has a scythe*

Belldandy/Kohran - Uhh, I'll get that Soujiro plushie by AX, sure, yeah...

Skuld/Sumire - I hope you make some cookies by AX! Your sister's cookies were delicious, but I'm dying to see what the power of Skuld can do!!! I also need to try out this experimental indigestion medicine...err, whoops, this last line isn't supposed to show up...

Wayne - We better flood the net with AX99 pics, since we'll be free! Especially with your experience, ojiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisan!

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