Genjitsu's Akon 10 Page

Airlines are supposed to be the most efficient, trouble-free, and organized way of travelling. Which is why everybody flight's got delayed. Raya came in first, followed by Genjitsu and then Skuld and Urd. Wayne didn't come in until late, which meant poor, starving Genjitsu had to carry all the girls' luggage by himself and wait for hours in the hotel room with Urd, who was quickly growing impatient, then crazy, then hungry, in no particular order. (Fortunately Genjitsu was able to calm her with the magical coconut chocolate pocky) Meanwhile the others went to wait for Wayne, though we suspect they grabbed a quick snack too. He finally came in around 10, and we all promptly stormed what would become paradise for the next two days: SOS Diner! Formal introductions were made, with Genjitsu and Wayne being the "innocent and harmless cosplayers, drafted by Skuld to serve their needs". (Genjitsu: "Oh girls, should I do or say anything stupid or crazy, feel free to smack Wayne.")

Energized by the glorious milkshake, Genjitsu returned to the room with the others, where the unpacking began. There was a little crisis as Raya's Kenshin and Kaoru plushies were missing (with poor Genjitsu being blamed and temporarily kicked out for hiding them, when he could never be capable of such a devious thing), but they were found to be having an intimate moment in the closet. After everybody designated their areas with clothes piles, preparation began for the arrival of the three Goddesses the next day...


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