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Ok, for those who remember my past adventures, you may be wondering, "Hey wait, didn't Genjitsu retire from cosplay?" That he did, but well, guess you can't keep a cosplayer down! Having not been to a convention or cosplayed since SDCC, Anime Central was like visiting an old friend. There was a feeling of nervousness, wondering if he could get back into the spirit of anime conventions. But more importantly, there was the nervousness of having a reputation to live up to. The University of Chicago Japanese Animation society had won Judge's Choice in the masquerade last year, racing to the ends of the world with Utena and Initial D. They had their first taste of victory, and wanted more. "Genjitsu-sama, please help us!" they pleaded. And so, rising from the grave of retirement, Genjitsu donned his Kamui outfit. Follow the adventures of him and UCJAS as they decide the fate of the world! (Or at least the masquerade).