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Friday Pocky Status: Scattered

Everybody left in different groups. Helena and Stephen left at the crack of dawn, determined to maximize their con time. Genjitsu had to leave slightly later, because he needed to pick up that little slip of paper that causes great joy, otherwise known as a paycheck. Fortunately, his friend Carl was able to provide transportation, and he was joined by Jon and Leon. They left around 10, and would've reached the hotel by 11, if it weren't for Genjitsu mentioning Mitsuwa, the Japanese plaza nearby. Suddenly Leon's eyes lighted up, and through much begging and whining, convinced the rest of the group to stop by there first. Upon arriving to Mitsuwa, they could already feel the aura of ACen attendees there. (The significant increase in white people wearing badges that read, "Anime Central" also helped).

Between that and lunch, they actually didn't get to the hotel until about 2. Once there, they checked into the hotel rooms and went to get their badges. Carl unfortunately had to leave early, as he was supposed to pick up a friend from the airport. Realizing that he wouldn't have time at the con, he gave his badge to Genjitsu - lucky! There wasn't much time for Genjitsu to enjoy the day though - the other groups were coming in, and he had to make sure he met up with all of them to make sure they knew where the room was. He also needed to somehow get to Best Buy to grab a set of speakers. In his rush to bring everything to the hotel, Genjitsu naturally forgot the most important thing, the stereo! Jon had brought his cd player, but it only had headphones.

While he waited Genjitsu opted to take a couple pictures and wander in the dealer's room. One of the first things he noticed was how easier it was to take pictures of other cosplayers when you weren't cosplaying yourself. At the same time, he also felt like he was missing out on something, as if he were walking around naked. How odd indeed, because the old Genjitsu probably wouldn't have any weird feelings about walking around naked. He managed to run into one of his Cali friends, Azumi, dressed in her Aeris outfit. Genjitsu knew she would be here, but she didn't know what he looked like. Genjitsu joked to her online she would recognize him because he would walk up, take her picture, and then make fun of her wristbands. Seeing his chance, he did just that!

Genjitsu: "Hi, can I take your picture?"
Azumi: "Sure!"
Genjitsu: *picture flash* "Thanks! Great Aeris outfit! But your wristbands need a little work." *wink*

But all he got was a blank stare. Feeling awkward, Genjitsu made the mistake of walking away without saying who he was. He would later find out through his friend Albert that she broke down in tears afterward - not exactly the best first impression to make!

But at least he filled up his quota for stupid things to do. Around 5, his roommate had arrived in the hotel lobby, only to go out again as Genjitsu prodded him to Best Buy, in exchange treating him to ice cream. They got back in time to see the end of the SWEK concert, and from the looks of the crowd they were smokin! By now, the group was extremely hungry. Genjitsu, deciding it was best not to mention the ice cream sidetrip, helped them order pizza, and wandered into the gameroom.

The DDR machine was packed as usual, but what a delight to see a ParaPara Paradise machine! With memories of ACen's para para fiasco last year at the masquerade, Genjitsu played a game or two, in his trademark "Air Traffic Controller" style (in other words, waving your arms like a madman in an attempt to bear at least some semblance to dancing). He also ran into Janelle, another friend of his that had moved to California. After catching up on old times, he wandered back to the hotel room to help his group finish their skit costumes. The last of the cloaks needed to be sewn, as well as a shiny cape.

It was a good thing that his friend Helen came around 11; her mad handsewing skills helped to speed up the process, and avoid Genjitsu's stapler/duct tape method. Seeing that everything was going smoothly, Genjitsu crawled around the hotel, wondering what madness was happening at this hour. And just when he thought he had done enough stupid things for the weekend, he walked into the video room that was showing LIve Action Gundam! Feeling sufficiently traumatized by bad acting and CG, he ran back to his room; he would be needing all his energy tomorrow.