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Pocky Status: Chewing!

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For those who are too lazy, the skit was from Clamp's X/1999, featuring Kamui, Fuuma, and Kotori. The twist was that Kamui and Fuuma would fight not with swords, but cooking, with the help of Chefs! Fuuma, being the villain, plays dirty and kills Kotori by food poisoning. From there, an epic battle took place as the Chefs of Heaven and Earth clashed, Fuuma and Kamui battling with Giant Pocky Sticks. Genjitsu thought up of the skit in January - he knew he wanted to include some part of Japanese culture, similar to Para Para dancing in last year's skit. Originally he had just the pocky swords only. But the skit seemed too random to have pocky sticks appear out of nowhere. So what better way to bring them in than through the help of Iron Chef?

Unfortunately, they couldn't have 4 Iron Chef outfits made in time, so they had to fall back to using regular Chef outfits, and making a cape worthy for Kaga. Genjitsu also envisioned his skit as perfectly controlled chaos, so he choregraphed three different fight sequences to happen simultaneously. The hardest part was choosing the music for the last portion of the skit - he was going to use "Duel of the Fates" from Star Wars, but then the whole thing seemed just too dark and gloomy. This part needed music that was cool, yet had a certain tongue in cheek feel to it too. The theme to Read or Die seemed like a perfect match! (Plus, it was easy to choreograph fighting to)

The skit itself played out perfectly - Genjitsu learned his lesson from last year and made it exactly two minutes. They started the music slightly before everybody was set up, but we still pulled through, even with Kotori having possibly the first drive-by death scene. The cheering that ensued when the giant Pocky box marched on stage made everything worth it! When it was over, Genjitsu felt content. Even if they didn't win anything, the audience loved it, and that's what really mattered. So imagine his surprise when the Judges announced:

"And Best Skit goes to a group that made me burn calories just by WATCHING them, Group 54, UCJAS!"