Katsucon 2001: Split Personalities

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Ahh, Katsucon 007, my first East Coast con! Tired of being called the dyslexic con-goer (living on the East Coast and attending only West coast conventions), I decided to join my friends and try it out!

(Never mind that the prospect of peanut butter cookies and rocky road in the hotel room)

Anyways, I was excited at meeting new people, and nothing would keep me from heading to Arlington! NOTHING!

Thursday Night, 8:35 pm, onboard American Airlines Flight 1432

"Umm folks, we have a problem here, it seems one of our hydraulics has ceased functioning, and as a result our fuel is being injected incorrectly. We're going to pull back into the terminal before an explosion occurs."

Ok, almost nothing. But by Friday, 12:00 pm, I was there! Walking out of Raegan Airport, I quickly called for a shuttle to the hotel. There was something nagging at the back of my head though. Ever since my friends and I planned our skit, where I was to be the J-rock star Gackt, it's almost as if there was a tiny voice, crying to be let out. An alternate identity? Nah; I quickly shrugged it off; it must be my imagination, maybe from lack of sleep.

Little did Henry know I was waiting, silently planning for my grand debut: Lamui Hackt!

Disclaimer: The contents of this page are meant for humorous purposes only, and not to be taken as medical fact. Henry does not have a schizophrenia or any multiple personality disorders. He's just a nut. Any attempts to direct him to professional help will only serve to annoy him, as the doctors have given up already.