Katsucon 2001: Split Personalities

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Sunday, February 18

Wow, what a relief to wake up in control of my body! After getting our award last night, I let my closet J-rocker have the night to himself. I didn't realize I could make such a wild alter ego! From running around with a phone tied to my crotch, to making fake puppets with my hand, he is quite the kooky one. I drew the line when he was about to have the Hot Yaoi Action Photo session with Mike as a present for Maryssa though.

And this time, no Martha Stewart in bed next to me.


The rest of the day was spent packing and cleaning up. In normal clothes, we became normal con goers, making a last round through the dealer's room. I almost felt odd, because I hadn't heard the closet J-rocker in my head the whole time. Maybe he was all tired out? Or maybe, just maybe, he was gone forever...?

The famous phone

Ahh, what a night. Henry offered no more resistance after winning the masquerade, so I was free to do what I pleased. I must admit, pulling the phone out and having the wire get stuck in the elevator was quite amusing, as well as Netherworld Clown trying to unzip me with a glowstick. Things would've gotten better had I taken the Hot Yaoi Action photo session with wonderful Mike, but Henry set up an impenatrable defense when the prospect came up.

Hmmm, no Martha Stewart in bed next to me.


In truth, I was tired from yesterday. Having my moment of glory, I was content to take it easy today. Seeing Henry clean up, it was almost adorable seeing him shed a tear as he took apart his Serge weapon. He walked through the dealer's room once more, and I was about to take a nap, when what should I see...

"Henry, isn't that a big Kero-chan plushie on sale?"

I don't know what happened next, but one minute things were black, and next thing I knew I was walking away with a Kero-chan plushie in my hands. What a strange weekend this has been...I wonder if this will happen at next con?

Guess I spoke too soon.

Ha! Fat chance. Consider this a parting gift, that I will always be in the back of your head, waiting to burst out. One day, Lamui Hackt will take over permanently...

Final Group Shot


"Am I Henry, or Lamui H?"

Final Thoughts

All in all, I consider Katsucon another CONquered territory.

I am not responsible for such a bad pun

In all seriousness, the whole thing felt like a con run by people my friend deemed "Otaku Lite". They were anime fans, but they weren't hardcore enough to know about the obscure titles, or have multiple panels. Maybe this contributed to the whole laid-back atmosphere of the con. I mean, something's fundamentally wrong when I consider myself to be the wildest one there that weekend. But at the same time, this was a plus for me - being a cosplayer, the lack of activity and guests let me run around and meet people, as well as other cosplayers! The masquerade was also the right size, and things proceeded quite smoothly. It's a refreshing change of pace compared to the monstrosity that is AX. Thank you for giving me such a warm reception, ACP members, and hopefully I can make it to more East Coast conventions now!

Memorable Quotes

"Where's your boyfriend?"
Netherworld Clown - "Excuse me?"
"The Serge. He's your boyfriend right?"
Netherworld Clown - "..."

"Hi, my name is Mana, and when I'm not trying to figure out if I'm male or female I eat at...*looks up* Pearls'!"

"Hey look, Sephiroth's gettin some head!"

"Oh look at me, lemme roll up my shirt...slap me some kitty ears...look, I'm not walking around bare-chested, I'm Neko-Henry!"

*Person sees phone attached to Henry's crotch*
"How much does a call cost?"

Raya - It was so good seeing you again! Thanks for having me in your skit, and putting up with my late night antics! See ya again soon!

My dear, you make a lovely Mana.

Netherworld Clown - It was really cool meeting you, we definitely gotta hang out more at Fanime! Oh, and Mr. Puppet says to behave!

You make an even lovelier Mana.

Megs - I hope I didn't scare you TOO much! We'll make sure Raya kidnaps you for future cons, and hey, if you're nice I'll let you smash inanimate objects on me again!

We were beautiful on stage - perhaps you will consider teaming up with me to take over the J-rock world by storm?

Anthy - Contrary to what it may seem, those were damn good peanut butter cookies and rocky road. Maybe you'll have Jeanne done by Fanime ne?

Maybe next time we can get you in a Mana outfit, so you may share the glory of Lamui Hackt...

And to everybody who I may have missed, I'll see you at next con!

The Famous Phone Malice Mizer Dead or Alive


Final Group Pic


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Disclaimer: The contents of this page are meant for humorous purposes only, and not to be taken as medical fact. Henry does not have a schizophrenia or any multiple personality disorders. He's just a nut. Any attempts to direct him to professional help will only serve to annoy him, as the doctors have given up already.