Katsucon 2001: Split Personalities

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Saturday, February 17

I wake up groggily Saturday morning. One of the downsides to being able to act drunk without drinking is that you actually remember what happened the night before. Hoping no one took photos of my lil frolicking, I rub my eyes open to see...

Martha Stewart in bed next to me.

"What the...!?

After realizing it was just Netherworld Clown with his Raiel wig on, I shove him to the side and crawl out of bed. All right, Saturday, the big day! Whatever happened to me yesterday must've been a fluke. Now is when I get to debut my pride and joy, Serge! Assembling his mastermune, I have Netherworld help me color my hair blue (and nearly asphyxiating him in the process), and voila!

Our other friend Anthy was already downstairs working at the dealer's room. Raya and Netherworld were only half finished with their 2nd Malice Mizer outfits, so I headed down to grab some food for them. As I looked at the poofy dresses that were Mana, I suddenly felt a twinge of longing. Maybe I would look all right in ....No, I'm just being silly again. I quickly shrug it off and run downstairs.

Ironcat again

First off on the list of things to do was the ACP photo shoot! Running around, we finally settled on having it in one of the panel rooms (Though I can't imagine how we found an empty panel room, with SO much programming going on...end sarcasm). First off was the Ironcat Calendar, and then came American Cosplay Paradise! I was so amazed at everybody showing up - I mean, I knew our site had a lot of members, but it didn't really hit me until I was pulled into the photo. It's quite an experience not knowing whose chest you're leaning on while the camera flashes go off ^_^;; All I could do was sit back and be speechless...

I sense Henry waking up. While I lost control of his body last night, that didn't mean I couldn't influence his actions in the tiniest ways. I hope someone took plenty of pictures of the thong incident...Wait, who is that sleeping next to him?

Martha Stewart?

Ok even by my standards that's fruity.

Oh, but it was just Netherworld Clown in his Raiel wig, fallen asleep. Pondering yesterday, I came to the conclusion that I overexerted myself, and the influence of DDR that was engrained in this boy's mind proved too strong. I shall have to sit and wait, conserving my energy until the masquerade. As he put on his Serge outfit, I was almost disgusted by its plainness. Where's the flamoyance? Where's the regality? No one will notice you! Ok, maybe the 6 ft blade might help, but still!

Chrono Cross


Once his outfit was completed, with the poofy blue bangs that made him look like he had no eyes, he proceeded downstairs. As he was leaving, I saw Raya and Netherworld prepare for their Mana outfits. Seeing those elegant dresses, I screamed with yearning, and for an instant, I jumped and tried to regain control of the body. But no, I must be patient.

Henry must be a busy boy, he had a lot of things to do today. His first objective was the ACP photo shoot. With the lack of programming, it wasn't too hard to find a room to hold all three photo shoots in. After the Ironcat Calendar came American Cosplay Paradise. Wait, what is this hesitation I feel from Henry? Dammit, are you scared of them!? If it were me, I would have them spread all around me, because they are my lambs, my beautiful sheep. So many beautiful girls, what a wasted opportunity - I'm ashamed that I was born from such a pansy!

The photoshoot also allowed me to meet the people of the COSP ML - so many good cosplayers! There was a Vash cosplayer that was soooooooooooooo cute!! Too bad I never got to know who she was! I was almost intimidated by everybody, which may explain why I was a tad quiet, even during the ACP shoot. (Either that or I was scared that one of the girls may realize that I haven't done any commentary for the past 5 months...)

Serge & Vash


Ooooh, now he's talking to members of COSP. Awww, what a cute Vash! Oh no, he's going into his shy and scared routine again. Grrr, he isn't even asking for an e-mail! Well, whoever was that cute Vash COSPer can e-mail me at genjitsu@yahoo.com. I'll certainly be more sociable than blue-hair-boy over there.

The rest of the day was spent idling about really - a couple strolls through the dealer's room, a photo opportunity with some other Chrono Cross cosplayers, and I even picked up an Initial D CD! Before I knew it, it was 3, and masquerade rehearsal was at 5. Going back to the hotel room, I think I must've slipped and fell on my head, because my vision blacked out...

Oh no! It happened again! Ack, the closet J-rocker has taken over! Well, I guess it was as good timing as any, seeing as how I needed to change into Gackt. Still, he could at least be a LITTLE reluctant to put on all that white powder...Oh my god, I'm expected to wear THAT!? This thing isn't even a shirt, it's a flimsy piece of silvery fabric! I can hear him laughing at me...There's gotta be something to save me from this! Oh whew, they gave me a cloak to wear too, since I'm initially Death. Ha, foiled your plans to prance around in silver!

Since this was the second time my body has been taken over, I wasn't as scared as yesterday. Instead, I felt myself as an observer, praying that this alternate identity didn't try to do anything crazy. Fortunately, Raya and the others agreed that I was to be shrouded in as much secrecy as possible, in order to make the skit more enjoyable for everybody. I could almost feel my alternate self seethe at the fact that he had to hide his outfit. But then I saw an opportunity for him pop up:

The rest of the day I observed Henry and his actions. He has definite weaknesses in his character - what a sucker he is for Chrono Cross cosplayers! He even ignored the other J-rock cosplayers that were around! And he's always walking around weilding that huge blade, how does he expect to take good pictures with his hands full like that? Oooh, it's 3:00 now, 2 hours before masquerade rehearsal! Now behold the true power of Lamui Hackt...

Ah, much better. I quickly run back to the hotel room, and washed away the nasty blue hair coloring. I'll show you how to put on coloring! Yes, more white powder! More eyeliner! And that shade of lipstick is gorgeous, YES! Ooooh, silver pants, and such a tight silver shirt, I feel the J-rock goodness flowing through me!!!!! Lamui Hackt Illuminati, ready to bring the world to its knees!

Wait a minute, what's this cloak? WHAT DO YOU MEAN I HAVE TO HIDE MYSELF!?!?!?! NO! NO!!!!!!!! Oh, it's because they want to save me for the actual masquerade, so my full potential will be unleashed. Arrrrgh, so close and yet so far...but wait!

"Henry, we need you to go get us food from McDonalds, otherwise we'll starve! Can you go with your cloak?"

Oh no! If he goes by himself, who knows WHAT he'll do! I started panicking again - the feeling of helplessness sunk in again. My fears were quickly calmed though as I saw myself head out to McDonalds, still shrouded in the cloak. Of course, I thought - the closet J-rocker wouldn't be stupid enough to risk freezing to death in order to show himself to the world.

I see him rush back to the masquerade waiting room. Crispy chicken sandwiches never tasted so good, even if it's someone else doing it! The masqueade green room was in a room next to the stage, so we had to stay quiet or else the audience would hear us. Fortunately there was a large projector showing us what was going on. The masquerade itself actually started at a decent hour - none of that 3 hour delay crap I'm so used to from West Coast cons! There were only 27 skits or so, and our group was #25, so we had a chance to take a breather. I was nervous, but not because of the skit. I was afraid of what HE would do once he was on stage. Then again, maybe I had nothing to worry about. Ok, here comes our skit!

A golden chance! I can picture it now; I stand in the middle of the expressway, shrouded in my cloak. Ripping it off, I let it fly on the winds, and let the world see the beauty that is Lamui! But then I realize, it's also 40 degrees out there. I cannot afford to let this body freeze to death, so I suppose I will have to bite my pride, and go to McDonalds undercover.

I rush back and pass out everybody's food. As much as it would ruin my bishounen figure, I didn't care - the crispy chicken sandwich was delicious! Now came the waiting period. I almost thought this would be the most horrible wait of my life - my debut, to be held back by a typical delayed masquerade! But to my surprise, the masquerade only started half an hour late. Being third to last, I paced with anticipation. It's showtime!

"Where do you think....you're going? I've yet to show you...my REAL power!"

The next few minutes were the most embarrassing moments of my life. As I see myself throw the cloak off, the first thing that came to mind was how well ventilated this costume was. Oh man, that has got to be the fruitiest dancing I have ever seen! AND WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING TO HAMEL!?!??!!?

It seemed like an eternity, but soon it was over, and as we walked off stage to the audience's applause, I couldn't help but wonder what my friends who looked at fansview would think of this...

The next few minutes were the most wonderful moments of my life. Behold, Lamui Hackt shares his love and joy with you! My graceful dance moves captivated the audience, and they're enraptured by my singing! But that's not enough! Hamel, you look so beautiful with that electric guitar, I could just lick you...

It was over before I knew it. It seemed too short, but as our group walked off stage to the audience's applause, I couldn't help but bask in the glory, especially since we'll be plastered on fansview...

Violinist of Hameln



At least we have to be thankful of being before the Angel Sanctuary group. I don't know how they thought of the choreography, but it was brilliant, considering that probably half the audience had no idea what Angel Sacntuary was. While they were deciding the winners, we took the chance to get a few photos. I was cringing with each shot, because it seemed the closet J-rocker was thriving on each camera flash. Ugh, would he just stop sticking his tongue out like that!?

In about an hour everybody was called back again. We weren't going to win anything - that Angel Sanctuary group blew us away, and I bet the judges were freaked out by me...

After us came the Angel Sanctuary group. While they could never compare to my singing, their skit was well thought out, and they had excellent choice in music too! Color me Blood Red by Malice Mizer, I approve! While the judges were deciding, I jumped out to take as many photos as possible - I must endear to my audience after all! I laughed to myself as I posed provacatively, knowing Henry was fuming at my glory.

Soon the judges called us back. Sitting back, I was confident. While the Angel Sanctuary group was good, I was sure that my charm and presence would win us an award...



American Cosplay Paradise


Chrono Cross


Samurai Shodown Ironcat Calendar


Serge & Venus


Malice Mizer


Rival Schools 2


Skies of Arcadia Chrono Cross
Mana Flame of Recca Digicharat Weis Kreuz


Trigun Angel Sanctuary Angel Sanctuary


Ah My Goddess!


Chrono Cross


Final Fantasy 9 Violinist of Hameln


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