Katsucon 2001: Split Personalities

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Friday, February 16

Friday 12:00 pm, I was in the hotel! I ran into Maryssa in her Animal Magentism outfit, it looked so cute! Seeing me for the first time, she naturally ran up and glomped me, because she was so excited to see me!!!! (And my DDR pads)

After finding my room number, I walk in to see Raya!! Having not seen her since November, I was overjoyed. She introduced me to her friend, the Netherworld Clown. He seemed friendly enough, but he was preoccupied with unpacking his costumes. Wait a minute, why is he taking out dresses from his bag? Oh that's right, Raya told me he was a big J-rock fan. He suddenly turns to me, and asks, "Hey, would you like to wear a J-rock outfit with us? I have plenty!

"Nah," I reply. "J-rock's not my thing..."

But just as I was saying that, my vision suddenly grows dim...

Watching from the shadows, I see Henry approach the hotel. Oooh, who is this lovely girl clad in the neko outfit? Maryssa...mmm, she looks lovely indeed! Excellent Henry, be on her good side by bringing your DDR pads.

But Henry then runs off to the hotel room, no doubt anxiously waiting to see his friends in the room. He looks so happy to see his friend Raya again! Ah, but who is that other person in the room? It is Netherworld Clown! And wait, what is that he is unpacking!? Could it be? Malice Mizer outfits! YES! AND HE BROUGHT A GACKT OUTFIT WITH HIM! I hear him ask Henry, "Hey, would you like to wear a J-rock outfit with us? I have plenty!" THIS IS MY CHANCE!

"Nah, J-rock's not my thing..."

NO! STUPID HENRY! If I'm going to escape, now's the time to do it!

"On second thought, can I wear the Gackt costume? And let's go full make-up too!"

...Woah! Where am I? I'm looking at myself, but I don't feel like it's me! Is this what they call an out-of-body experience? Wait a minute, did I just hear right? No! I don't want a j-rock costume! Arrgh, I don't want make-up! But why is my body not doing what I tell it to do! Feeling helpless, I can only sit back and watch as Raya and Netherworld Clown approach me with lipstick and white face powder. Noooo, stop it, stop it! Eyeshadow is meant for girls, not me!!!

Lamui H!
Excellent! I've managed to take control of the body. I shall rise! Raya and Netherworld seem happy too, now that they have a new addition to their Malice Mizer group. But what is Malice Mizer without Gackt? I tell them to start with the make-up as soon as possible, since the day was nearly half over already. Ahh, the lipstick, the eyeshadow, the face powder, this is what I was meant to be!

And in the span of an hour, Lamui Hackt was born!

The rest of the day seemed like a rollercoaster. I was surprised; nothing was really going on in the convention! Opening ceremonies weren't until 7:00, and none of the programming rooms were on either - the only thing to do was to visit the dealer's room. I couldn't help but cringe as we walked into the lobby area, with everybody gawking at us. Oh no, they're running to take pictures! No, this isn't me! Somebody help!

Wait a minute, who is that running in the distance? I don't have my glasses on so I couldn't see clearly...Oh my god, it's Gina! Another of my friends from the west coast, what a totally unexpected visit! She said she came at the last minute with Albert and his friends. Uh oh, I'll never hear the end of it if she sees me like this! Must run....arrrgh, stupid body, why aren't I in control?! No, don't walk closer to her!

We walked proudly throughout the convention - there was no programming going on until 7, so we were content to have our pictures taken. Yes, this is how Malice Mizer should be done! Come see the glory of our J-rock goodness! I maintain an air of aloofness, which draws the photographers in even more.

But who is that group in the distance? I squint, and see that it is Henry's friend Albert...wait, there is someone in a boyscout uniform running with them. It's Gina! She must be one of Henry's West Coast friends. I dare not say anything to her; instead, I wait for her response to my wonderful outfit.

"Wow Henry, nice Gackt outfit!"

Exactly what I didn't want to hear - but then again, Gina's the resident J-rock junkie so I should've expected it. I have to regain control of my body somehow, this is crazy! After another trip to the dealer's room, our group is getting hungry. We march over to a nearby Japanese restaurant (in costume of course). I think the locals were frightened of my appearance, much to my dismay. After a hearty dinner of yakisoba, we come back to find that there's still absolutely nothing going on. Videogaming wasn't even open yet, and the few panels that happened today were over.

Throughout this whole time, I had pretty much given up on reclaiming my body. But then Al asked the magic question.

Exactly what I wanted to hear - Gina appreciates the beauty of J-rock! So far so good - I'm almost totally comfortable with this body now. Another round of photos in the dealer's room, and then came dinner. Fortunately there was a Japanese restaurant around the corner, so our group promptly marched over. The waitresses were stunned by the beauty of Lamui H! They even gave our group a personal table, all the way in the back!

Our appetites conquered, we come back to find absolutely nothing going on. I'm pondering visiting some of the girls who admired my costume, perhaps to seduce them with my charm, when Al asks a question.

"Hey Henry, didn't one of your friends have DDR set up somewhere?"

DDR!!!! I feel my legs respond in reflex; my lifeline! I feel this other me growing weak. Now's my chance! J-rock may be strong, but DDR is my SOUL! Using all my willpower, I see my body walking too Maryssa's room, with my deluxe pads. I step on the pads, and suddenly my vision grows hazy again...

DDR? Why is this body suddenly reacting to it? Ugh, I feel weak...I must avoid this DDR at all costs - it would ruin my J-rock image. But what is happening? I feel my legs going to Maryssa's room. No, the mention of DDR has weakened my defense! I feel Henry taking over! Damn, when I was soooo close...Nooooooo~

"Uhh Henry, what's with all the make-up?"

"Oh, uh, lemme run back to the room and take a quick shower!"


Let it be known that the last 3 pics are the result of Lamui, and not Henry, since he would not be caught dead with a thong. (At least, not on his head)

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Disclaimer: The contents of this page are meant for humorous purposes only, and not to be taken as medical fact. Henry does not have a schizophrenia or any multiple personality disorders. He's just a nut. Any attempts to direct him to professional help will only serve to annoy him, as the doctors have given up already.