Fanime 2001: It Happened Already?

Ok, Genjitsu here, and this will probably be one of the quickest con reports I've ever done. Why, you ask? Well, Anime Central is less than a month away, I have 3 outfits to make in that time for it. School decided to kick into overdrive, so time is limited, and I really don't want this bogging me down.

Excuses, excuses!

Well yes, but actually, I think the most important reason is, I don't remember 75% of the convention. Why?

Take a guess:

Yep, Fanime had a 4th Mix Plus machine, which meant more songs than even the PSX version of 4th mix. Suffice it to say, Genjitsu could not control himself, and the Raging Demon Dancer (RDD) came screaming forth! And well, let's just break Fanime down into statistics:


Hours Spent Playing DDR:


How many of those hours were consecutive:


Amount of Money spent DDRing:


Costumes Worn:

Orphen, Shin Kyo, Touya

Amount of Sleep:

6 hours

Number of Cookies Eaten:


Amount of Alcohol Consumed:


Number of Times asked to Crossdress:


Number of Times it Actually Succeeded:

1 (I think)

Everything on Friday was great - KOF night was a bit smaller since some West Coast attendees couldn't make it, but at least we still got our photo session, and the now traditional trip to Sushi Lovers! However, at 1 am, there was nothing to do at the con, so off to the videogame room we go! As I entered the room, there was already a crowd there, but strange thing was, the minute they saw me, they parted in half to let me through! I became the unofficial maintainer of the sign-up list...

4 hours later...

Hmmm, I'm feeling kinda tired - if I walk out of the gameroom though, I'm sure to collapse in exhaustion! So, being the genius I am, I decide not to leave the gameroom. My friend Kelly came by, I think, and I mentioned something about getting some props done, mostly as an excuse so that she wouldn't drag me back up to the room.

Another 4 hours later....

Ok, from here on, I honestly don't remember anything. I've had to ask my friends what happened for all of Saturday, so here are some views of what I "supposedly" did:

-Hit the door 3 times trying to make my way back into the room
-Ask my friends, who were just waking up, if they had change for a $50 bill
-Take 2 showers in the span of 3 hours because I didn't remember taking the first one
-Totally ignoring iPlay as they walked by, despite the huge anchor and weapons
-Doing some kind of Card Captor Sakura Skit
-Engaging in some kind of Yaoi photo session
-Running around with a plastic bag on my head
-I kissed somebody
-Somebody kissed me

If any of my friends have anything else I supposedly did, I'll add it to this list.

Obviously, some of these must be exaggerated. But in either case, that's all I have to say about Fanime. Hopefully I'll have everything done for ACen, and I'll be coherent enough to make a better report!

Moral: Drink Sodas Instead of Water when DDRing for 8+ hours

Friends don't let Friends DDR forever.