Friday: Tune Up

Saturday: Race Time!

Saturday Night: Aftermath

Friday Night: Cold Feet

The Skit

Our Dream is not Over Yet...

Welcome to Genjitsu's Anime Central 2001 page! Being a home con of sorts, Genjitsu (more commonly known these days as Genri) knew he had to make a lasting impression on everybody there, as well as have something to tell his friends on the West Coast about! Aided by some visiting friends from Northern Cali, as well as the officers of the University of Chicago Japanese Animation Society, witness the epic adventure! Witness the return of the villainous Lamui Hackt, the and a new terror, the Vibrating Sheep of Death! Filled with tension, laughter, and of course, super drifting action!

New! See our skit in realvideo format, courtesy of Soulcrash Studios!