Friday: Tune Up

Saturday: Race Time!

Saturday Night: Aftermath

Friday Night: Cold Feet

The Skit

Our Dream is not Over Yet...

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Saturday Night Aftermath

After judging was over, everybody went back to the tent, where the group had plenty of pictures taken, as well as a re-enactment of their skit. Genri also managed to sneak into the COSP ML photo, and the American Cosplay Paradise group. He was also attacked by two nurses! *gasp*

When they felt they had enough pictures, everybody marched back into the room to have some pizza, and watch the skit again, courtesy of Al's video camera. From there, the typical Saturday madness ensued. Genri went and hung out with all his online friends, and then went to the ACen rave. It was his first rave ever, and he even got glowsticks! There were a bunch of DJs there competing, and the music was pretty groovy. He even got to wave the glowsticks around and look cool! That is, until one of them slipped from his hands and flew across the room.

At around 3, Genri and his friends were feeling hungry, so it was out into the suburbs, in search of a Denny's! But even better, they found Steak n Shake, a hamburger and milkshake chain! Filling their tummies with milkshake goodness, Genri was content, and drifted off into dreams of foamcore cars and dancing...

Saturday Night Pics

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