Friday: Tune Up

Saturday: Race Time!

Saturday Night: Aftermath

Friday Night: Cold Feet

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Friday: Tune Up!

Is it a bad sign when you wake up the first day of the con, you look outside, and see nothing but rumbling storm clouds and gusty winds? Always being one to laugh at nature and brave its fury alone, Genri...quickly called up his friend Mike and asked for a ride. Actually, there were lots of props and baggage to bring about, so a car was essential.

First stop was to the overflow hotel. Genri, being the nice guy, decided to book two rooms there for members of his anime club, as well as his friends from Cali, to crash in. This of course, involved finding everybody, and shuttling their stuff into the rooms, and finally getting back to the actual convention hotel. With all said and done, Genri didn't officially enter the con until 4ish. The other people of his skit, however, were still missing, so he hoped they showed up by nighttime.


After everything was settled, Genri decided to change into Kamiu from X/1999, one of his more comfortable, if more subtle, outfits. Walking out, he meets the wonderful people from Mochi-Mochi! Genri loves Mochi. Mochi feeds him. Mochi make Genri happy. Mochi. Mmmmm... Err anyways, after re-establishing contact with them (he swore they disappeared off the face of the earth), it was time to sign up for the masquerade.

Genri missed the first sign-up session, and with only 60 spots, he had to make sure their group was in. Maybe it was a premonition of things to come, but the masquerade staff had suddenly decided to become super strict, and in some instances, contradicting what was on their web page!

Genri - "The skit will be about 4 minutes..."
Staff - "Oh sorry, we can't have that. 2 minutes max."
Genri - "Excuse me?"

After smoothtalking and some all-purpose begging and pleading, we convinced them to let our skit run for the whole 4 minutes, and not cut our music. Whew! Catching a couple cosplay pics, Genri also met up with his friend and long lost twin Dom from Megatokyo! He lent Dom his Shin Kyo outfit, which made an appearance in one of the strips! Then came a nutricious dinner of McDonalds chicken McNuggets. Afterwards, his friend Carl suddenly had an idea.

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