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Friday Night: Cold Feet!

"Hey, what if we had you, me, and 3 of our other friends doing a soprano to the ending of His and Her Circumstances (Kare-Kano)?"

Genri wasn't one for singing sopranos, especially for songs sung by girls, so he politely refused.


Carl and Genri's other friend Frank promptly tried to convince him otherwise, which involved Genri running for his life down two floors (Quote Frank: "I have never seen a man fly before...") Genri was literally dragged arm in arm by the both of them, kicking and screaming, into karaoke. Luck would have it though, Carl left the CD single at home, so no karaoke for them! AWWWWWWWWWW...

Genri felt energized from all that running, but at the same time he felt lightheaded. He felt someone at the back of his mind. Lamui? Naaah, he got rid of him at Katsucon! Shrugging it off, he ran into Dom again. Now, supposedly, the two of them look alike, so Dom had a brilliant idea. It was about 11:30 now, and the yaoi panel was beginning. They both knew the people that were running it.

Dom - "Hey, what would happen if we went into the yaoi panel and...did stuff?"
Genri - "Uhh, what kind of stuff?"

In response, Dom unleashes Genri's new terror, the vibrating sheep of death! Genri and Dom look at each other for a few moments, and with the calm, serene look madmen acquire with years of practice, barge right into the panel.

Dom - "We have a public service announcement."
Genri takes the sheep, places it in a rather interesting place on his body, and lets it vibrate in its full glory. Dom then proceeds to grab and shake the sheep. As Dom exits, Genri, obviously taken over by Lamui Hackt, chases him, yelling, "Dooooooooom~~~!!!"

He swore the panel somehow spontaneously transformed into a Backstreet Boys concert, with all the squealing and screaming that ensued. And yes, Lamui must've taken over Genri's body completely, as he suggested crashing into their panel a SECOND time. Let's just say afterwards, Genri confirmed that he was, indeed, the "uke". Worst part about it? IT WAS ALL CAUGHT ON FILM. Genri - "Oh god, I need to find some HETEROSEXUAL porn, like NOW!" Ahem, after regaining control of his body, Genri walks back to the hotel room. As luck would have it, the remaining members of his skit finally show up! Time for practice! But enough of the madness.

Time for some sleep...

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