Date: July 16 - 18, 1999
 Location: Anaheim, California
 Risk Level: Life Threatening

 Anime Expo 1999, the largest Anime convention in the West Coast. With over 6,100 people 
 attending, it is the prime target for the conspiracies of overcharging dealers, fanboy 
 terrorists, and time-delayed elevators. Such a potential threat can only be handled by the 
 most elite of agents. Some call him the real James Bond. His charm with women is legendary, 
 being able to smoothtalk even the most icy of females. He's handled crazed world leaders, 
 fanatical cults, even paranormal entities. The only hope of making Anime Expo run smoothly. 

 Unfortunately, we can't afford a guy like that. So instead we have Lee.

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Genjitsu Lee.

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The wonderful drama between Chun-Li and Morrigan over Jin, courtesy of AGSMA!
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AX99 from the viewpoint of Amakusa, fearless bowler warrior
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