Name: Violinist of Hameln
	 Members: 6
	 Biggest Threat: Sizer's Scythe
	 Biggest Weakness: Sizer's Helmet
	 Risk Level: Medium
	 This orchestral group weilds a hefty arsenal
	 of weapons and musical instruments. Caution is 
	 advised, especially around Sizer. Her scythe
	 is deadly and razor sharp, but at the same
	 time it has a magical effect of attracting
	 innocent con attendees to bump into it. The group
	 is especially vulnerable in areas with many 
	 people; they will be immobilized while masses
	 of people surround them, eager to take their 
	 picture. The perfect time to strike is after the 
	 photography, when all the members have been 
	 blinded by flashes. 

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