Name: Henry "Genjitsu" Lee
	 Age: 19
	 Aliases: Sanosuke, Oogami, Orphen, Squall, Yashiro, Keiichi
	 Skills: Computer Hacking, Duct Tape, Sculpey, Commentary
	 Weaknesses: Cookies, Brownies, Milkshakes, Cute girls
	 Not exactly what you'd call the best agent, what he lacks
	 in skill he makes up in determination (or stubborness). 
	 Trained in the martial arts, he can achieve most anime
	 poses (except those involving vertical one-handed pushups).
	 Can achieve his ultimate form if given a homemade cookie 
	 or brownie, in which his power and karaoke ability are 
	 doubled. Unfortunately, he's a sucker for cute girls, 
	 especially any who make cookies for him. Symptoms include
	 turning into a zombie like state and following their
	 every command.

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