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Having not been to a con since AX, and with exams rearing their ugly head, Fanime was a much needed break! It's what I classify as a good-sized con - it's not the massive monster that's AX, but not so tiny either. Plus, San Francisco is one of my favorite cities to visit (even if we weren't exactly IN it, close enough!) With it being on the weekend of my birthday, what better present than to spontaneously go and cosplay with friends? Enduring 6 hour plane rides (Southwest Airlines tends to forget how to make straight lines when planning out trips), I spent 4 days of sheer madness! Fanime was a success if for anything, allowing me to experience new things:

  1. My first time wearing vinyl leather (and it was actually comfortable, and *gulp* I kinda liked it!)
  2. My first time eating sushi (saki, ibari.....mmmmmmmmmm)
  3. My membership into DDR-holics Not-So-Anonymous (Dance Dance Revolution - Thanks to Otaku Outpost for my new addiction!)
  4. My first chance to see a skit I created in action!
  5. My first tackle by an Orphen fan (quite literally, I lost my balance!)

    And of course, Fanime saw the appearance of my outfits, from Squall to Shin Kyo! The masquerade was good, it could've done without the hecklers (Having people start bidding for Quistis really irritates me), but at least they enjoyed our skit. To be honest, I didn't think our skit would be that great, so imagine my surprise when they present us with this:

    First Place

    And here I was thinking, "As long as they laugh at our skit it's all good..." BUT, I couldn't have pulled this off without the help of my team - everybody put forth 110% effort, and if anything, they're the reason we won, I just supervised. Overall, while there were some personal problems that weekend, Fanime will be remembered fondly.

    Unfortunately, Genjitsu was a little absentminded, and left his camera in the car all of Saturday. Thus, the only pics available right now are from Friday and some on Sunday. But please check back, I hope to have more pics soon!

    Choose Your Game:

    King of Fighters Final Fantasy 8 Others
    King of Fighters Final Fantasy 8 Others

    And yes, there are pics of other people, not just me - my ego isn't THAT big!