Ultimate Cheeseburger Status: EATEN

Sunday, as usual, was the slow day. Genri woke up relatively early, and found his Guilty Gear costume laying in a pile for him. He decided to become the ultimate FANboy, as Anji! Surprisingly, Genri was unphased by the fact that he was barechested, and concentrated on walking in his custom made geta. Popping into the dealer's room, he sees Raya from AMC, and helps her pick an Orphen pencilboard. At the last minute, he decides to pop into the fashion show, which was somehow crammed into the back of the dealer's room.

After the fashion show, Genri trods back to the room, to find two mysterious and large boxes waiting for him. Opening them up, he finds FIFTEEN DOZEN COOKIES!!!!! That's 180! Staring in shock, he vaguely remembers a girl named Ami threatening to make that many for him, and he had laughed it off. Guess he should take her seriously next time...

Once everything was moved, and Genri became stuffed, he suddenly remember the art auction was about to start. There was a GORGEOUS Chrono Cross art piece that he was going to get at ANY cost. Fortunately, he won the auction at a fraction of what he was expecting to pay. Lucky! Content, Genri went back to the room, to join his friends in their traditional trip to Disneyland, bringing AX 2001 to a conclusion.