Ultimate Cheeseburger Status: WELL DONE

Showtime folks! Dragging himself out of bed to make the 10 'o clock deadline, Genri and his friends go to the masquerade mandatory meeting. There, he witnessed the power of Malice, the masquerade coordinator, as she non-chalantly axed a couple of groups because they weren't there.

Once their group was secure, Genri headed back to the room, to change into his 2nd favorite costume, Taikoubou! This time, Genri had the ability to turn SD, thanks to the multiple faces he made with Gina's paper plates. There were many cosplayers out in the lobby around that time too, such as Grandia 2 and Final Fantasy X. But *gasp* Genri's camera dies! The batteries gave out, and they would take at least 3 hours to recharge. (This is why there is a lack of Saturday morning/afternoon pics)

The afternoon soon rolled in, and masquerade check-in was at 6. Walking around, Genri ran into his friend, Trowa! She was in her Ky alternate outfit, which looked gorgeous! Having not seen her in ages, she runs up to Genri...and immediately makes him go back to the room to drag out the Guilty Gear X artbook, so she could practice posing. At around 4, Genri headed back to the room to change into Sapphire. Hopefully, everyone was ready too!

Wayne - "Uhhh, can you use Claudia's sewing machine?"
Genri - "Why? How far is she on it?"
Wayne - "She hasn't started."
Genri - *falls over*

Claudia had unfortunately procrastinated a lil TOO much, and as such, 2 hours before masquerade her Sailor Moon outfit wasn't even completed. Somehow, with the wonders of Genri's newfound ghetto sewing skills, and Wayne's athletic tape, they somehow finished the costume. It was Usagi! ...ok, maybe Usagi on Sunset Blvd late at night.

Heading to the masquerade was an adventure in itself - the meeting place was 15 minutes walking distance, but they closed off the shortcut entrance, and with Beryl's wonderful mobility, it took half an hour to get there. But they made it only a few minutes late, and they all marched into the dressing room. The wait wasn't bad at all - there was air conditioning, and Genri spent most of his time talking with other cosplayers and fixing Beryl's accessories. Before they knew it, their group was up!

The skit played out perfectly - for those who weren't there, we re-enacted Sailor Moon to a medley of Brittney Spears, Backstreet Boys, N Sync, and best of all, the Jack in the Box boyband! It was a challenge mixing all the music together, but Genri pulled it off, and the audience loved it! When Wayne marched out with a Jack in the Box head, the laughter was almost deafening. The timing was right, none of the props broke (at least, none that couldn't be fixed with E6000 glue and Ultimate Cheeseburger wrapping), it was a dream come true!

After it was over, Genri and his friends quickly went outside to take re-enactment photos, and wait until all the entrants had entered. When the winners were announced, Genri thought their group, #30, was called, and everybody lined up backstage to await their awards. Unfortnately, they mistakenly called 30 when they meant 13, which was a bit of a disappointment. But no matter - the audience loved the skit, and it was great in that sickening way to dance like one of the Backstreet Boys.

All the masquerade business was done by midnight, and Genri went back to his room to start packing, before AMC came back and made the room into a mess again. Genri and his friends decided to celebrate their successful skit, and what better way than by ordering Jack in the Box! They closed at midnight though, so they had to settle for Carl's Jr. Preparing 15 orders of burger combos takes quite a while though, and while Gina and Frank made the trip to pick it up, everybody else stayed in the room. Hunger started to kick in, and soon, Genri and Ben began singing the Ultimate Cheeseburger song in japanese. By the time the food came, everybody was exhausted, and Genri fell asleep, burger stuffed in his mouth.







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