The Time Has Come...

Anime Expo. It has been a year since Genjitsu infiltrated the largest Anime convention in the West Coast. Surviving razor sharp props, menacing fanboys, and brought to the brink of starvation, it is no small feat that he survived intact. Leaving a path of confusion, chaos, and crumbled cookies in his wake, cosplayers breathed a sigh of relief when it was over. But time passes so quickly, and now, Genjitsu must return to the familiar Anaheim once more. The challenges would be even greater; the dealers' merchandise more expensive; the fangirls even more daring. Despite this; Genjitsu walks the path set for him:

His destiny was foreordained, to fight cosplay.


Genjitsu couldn't face this battle alone. He needed to call forth his friends. He needed their love, their kindness, their support, and their sewing machine!That's right, this year Genjitsu went to visit his friends in San Francisco the week before AX! He planned to do a little costume construction, hang out, visit the cool places, and have fun!

...Or not


In a nutshell though, here's what ended up happening:

Genjitsu - "Hey guys, ready to party?!"
Mack - "Uhhh, we have some work to do..."
Genjitsu - "Oh, just how much?"
Umigoddess - "We have to make your Kamui and Fuuma outfits."
Mack - "Don't forget the wings and swords!"
Genjitsu - "Uhh, in less than a week? What about my other ones?"
Sephychan - "...that too."
Genjitsu - "....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Not to say Genjitsu didn't have fun that week, but he went into ultra hardc0re cosplay construction mode! Consistently staying up to 4 am each night, sewing to the noise of Comedy Central, becoming a recognized face in Ben Franklin's craft store, Genjitsu went all-out! Finally learning the wonders of the sewing machine, Genjitsu was determined to give all his outfits an overhaul! Away with the heat n bond! Down with the duct tape! And his friends such as Mack and Umigoddess were there to aid in wing construction:

Genjitsu - "You bend the wire like this?"
Tiff - "No, like, Mack, you do it."
Mack - "Ok, just stand there Genjitsu."
Genjitsu - "Hey I can do that! Stand!"
My Cosplay Buddy Mack!


Mostly, they built the majority of the wing, while Genjitsu used his sculpey sorcery on the two swords. Thank god for sculpey!
Mack with his wings!


It was a hectic week - the weekend quickly rolled by, and before he knew it Tuesday was upon Genjitsu. Down to the wire! (Ok, so maybe it wouldn't have been so close had Genjitsu not decided to hit the Milpitas Golfland Friday night for DDR) But powered by peanut butter cookies, Genjitsu wasn't going to call it quits! He stayed up Tuesday night, persistently hot-gluing each feather to his wing (as well as having his hostess' dog speak to him at approximately 4:24 am). But by Wednesday morning, Genjitsu collapsed next to his finally completed set of Kamui wings. And somehow, when Genjitsu stumbled onto the airplane for John Wayne airport in Anaheim, all his outfits were done! (Ok well, done for the most part)


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