The Cookie Sorcerer and DDR!

At last, Anime Expo begins! Friday went off to a slow start - Genjitsu remembers being the last to wake up, and already seeing his friends get ready for Hameln. He hopped into the shower, and when he hopped out, voila! Out comes Orphen! Although he didn't have his pendant handy, one of Genjitsu's friends said she would lend him her pendant, if he could find her. He wandered out, first into the dealer's room for a bit, then strayed towards the DDR room. As he passed by, he overhheard a familiar voice:

"Hey, it's Orphen! Cleo, it's your Orphen!"

Uh oh.

Genjitsu had promised to wear his Orphen outfit for someone that was going to be Cleo - in fact, she was the same person who power-tackled him at Fanime! Genjitsu kept thinking to himself, "I'm not gonna fall down, I'm not gonna fall down..." as he sees something blonde fly towards him.


Fortunately Genjitsu didn't go flying - Orphen caught Cleo!

...Unfortunately his digicam DID. Landing a few feet away, it was thankfully undamaged.

Genjitsu feared for his life a little bit, but in actuality Cleo was one of the nicest people he met at AX! She even baked him cookies! (Albeit using the wrong recipe halfway or somethin) Cleo must've done her homework, as she had Genjitsu wrapped around her finger afterwards...

Wouldn't she make a cute Kotori?
Wai! Houshin Engi! The Emperor is Here!

Around the afternoon, the Hameln group had already met back in the room, and some of them had begun changing into their KOF outfits. Earlier, Genjitsu met some Houshin Engi cosplayers! His friend from #fansubs was Taikoubou, and she had a Fuugen with her too! Genjitsu was inspired and decided, since he wouldn't have time otherwise, to debut his Houshin Engi outfit! Donning the white robe, Genjitsu became Emperor Chuoh! This outfit had about 2 hours of exposure time, and unfortunately his friend Athena stole all the attention, but he fulfilled his promise to have a Houshin Engi outfit at AX! It didn't have all the decorations in place, but he vows to add them by Fanime!

As afternoon turned into twilight, Genjitsu suddenly remembered he had to check in for the masquerade. Frantically running back to the hotel room and the masquerade check-in, he brought himself and the music for the skit with plenty of time to spare. With the day's objective completed, there was little else to do but to wait for the dance.

...little else to do but head for the DDR room of course. Genjitsu skips all giddy towards the room, to see *gasp* chaos! People were confused as to who was going next on the machine, and everything was a mess! Taking matters into his own hands, Genjitsu forms a sign-up sheet, bringing order (and some extra quarters for him)! Finally, everyone could enjoy the bliss that was Dance Dance Revolution! The games kept coming, and soon, Genjitsu felt a tapping on his shoulder. His friends Athena and Yuri:

Genjitsu - "What are you talking about? Only an hour's passed."
Athena and Yuri - "One hour? It's almost 10!" (Genjitsu came in around 6)

As punishment, Genjitsu had to challenge Athena and Yuri to DDR! Somehow, Genjitsu survived their wonderful DDR attacks, but barely. Having heard the dance was a flop, he went back into the hotel room to recover, then it was back for more DDRing! And lo behold, the Great ultra-hella-uber-DDR god ShnTenchi (Gary) was there! Genjitsu was given the once in a lifetime opportunity of DDRing with him! (When no one from #fushigiyuugi was looking too!) Of course, ShnTenchi blew Genjitsu away, but he expected nothing less from his role model. Then, the King of Freestyle himself, Yoshi, made an appearance! Genjitsu was on the floor when he saw Yoshi's routines. At around 2 in the morning, Genjitsu crawled into bed, a sore, but happy DDR crackwhore...

How much can this guy do?!
What a CUUUUTE Cleo!


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Taikoubou! Taikoubou x2!


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