Movie Madness!

Normally, Sunday is when Genjitsu leaves anime conventions, and he had to remind himself that AX still had another day left. But with the masquerade done with, it was now time to pursue his secondary objective - MOVIES! Yes, Genjitsu DOES go to anime conventions for something other than cosplay, and he was NOT going to miss the premiere of the Escaflowne movie! Setting a wake-up call at the oh so early time of 9:00, Genjitsu somehow still ended up getting to the waiting line at 11:00, an hour before the movie started. The cute AX staff member then told him the words that crushed his heart: "Sorry, the line's been capped, no more people."

Would you please give us a spot in line?

What was Genjitsu to do?! How could he ever face his friends again, having been to Anime Expo 2000 and missing the Escaflowne movie?! They would mock him! Shun him! The agony! Genjitsu tried using his bishonen powers to score a spot in the waiting line, but we know how much luck he has with THAT. Heartbroken, Genjitsu and his friends trudge past the information find out that an extra showing of the movie will be playing at 6!
Yay! X Group!

Surely this must be divine intervention! But it was only noon right now - what would he do until then? Genjitsu then realized he had to meet up with the rest of the X group! Hurrying back to the room, Genjitsu donned his wings again, and soon, the X group was formed! Well, mostly formed anyway - Kotori and a Dragon or two were absent, but an intimidating group nonetheless! Many people took pictures, even people from Gamer's Republic and Manga Entertainment! All the members were given large X posters, though even Kamui and Fuuma couldn't convince them to speed up the release of the X DVD.

Soon, the clock struck 3, and it was time to camp! Armed with expensive Disneyland food (Croc n' Bites, yum), Genjitsu and his friends bonded in the 3 hour wait. What better time to find out about each other, and take random X group pictures? Random bits of endearing conversation included, "...if you do another skimpy outfit like that I'm gonna smack ya", "I wanna biiiiiiiiig sword!", "Who wants pocky?", "Cinnamon cookies...". But patience is rewarded, and Genjitsu witnessed the glory that was the Escaflowne movie! With an opening sequence that left him drooling, and a simplified but more clear-cut story, the Escaflowne movie was worth all the wait!

Afterwards, some of Genjitsu's friends decided to wait for the Utena movie. Unfortunately, his brain is in his stomach, so Genjitsu opted to go with the rest of his friends to dinner. After performing a long search (Where Genjitsu discovered the Flamingo Theatre, a place he was convinced showed flamingo porn), they ended up at Tiffy's, a restaurant about a block or two away from the hotel. The food was NORMAL (aka some nutritional value) at not-so-outrageous prices! Plus, Genjitsu got to find out he has a below average IQ, courtesy of the peg games the restaurant provided while they waited for their food!

Coming back around 11, Genjitsu discovered his friends still in line for the Utena movie. Deciding, what the heck, Genjitsu sat with them through the Utena movie.

And promptly fried his brain watching it! Having not seen all of the TV series, Genjitsu was expecting to be a little confused, but let's just say the phrase "demonic carwash" will be forever etched into his memory. And with that, Sunday drew to a close. Time for bed...right? Of course not! Genjitsu stayed up all of Sunday night! But why?

Tarta and Tatra!




X group! Virtual On! X group!
Kamui! Fuuma! The end to X


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