The End is Near

Now, why would Genjitsu bother staying up an entire night, after 3 days of running around like a chicken with its head cut off? It seems the guests of honor decided to have an open autograph session Monday morning at 9, but lineups weren't allowed until 6 in the morning. And one of the guests was the creator of Trigun! Knowing if he went to sleep now he wouldn't get up until noon, Genjitsu decided to camp out with his friend all night long! Hardcore baby!!!

Dreaming of arrows...


My pride and joy!

Ok, so maybe not that hardcore. But it was good that the DDR room was next to where they would have the autograph session, so Genjitsu had some means of staying awake...or not. In the end, he ended up being first in line! Getting his shiny silver signature from Nightow-san, Genjitsu was on cloud nine! Anime Expo was now officially complete for him. He and his friend start heading back to the hotel room, only to run into their friends, back in Himikoden outfits! It seems one of the more elusive guests was from Red Company, the creators of Himikoden (and Sakura Taisen and Thousand Arms)! He wanted to take their picture and talk to them about cosplay. What an honor!

And with that, the clock struck noon, and it was time for check-out. Genjitsu and his friends hurriedly packed their bags before the hotel kicked them out. Making one final round of the dealer's room, Genjitsu bid AX2K farewell by blowing the rest of his wallet on artbooks.

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