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One poor overworked Genjitsu

Welcome to my recollections on Anime Central '99! It's been almost a whole year since I attended an anime convention (Anime Expo '98), and being in the area, I couldn't resist going! Yes, the Sanosuke with the huge sword is back again, this time armed with a digital camera (scanning pictures gets a bit tedious). Plus, the sword has been rebuilt, and it's even bigger this time! I've even made a small page explaining how the sword was constructed (that and I happened to have test pictures as I was trying out the digicam for the first time). The sword is a whopping 7.5 ft long this time around, but I think I made it TOO big this time. I couldn't prop the sword on my shoulder, because it always hit the roof! And because it was so big, I could only do one kind of pose in order to fit it in the pictures. I actually got kicked out of the dealer's room for fear of hitting innocent bystanders (though I don't know why, I had two people to warn everybody this cosplayer makes wide turns).

Henry Lee, Staff Suite Dept. Head

ACen also taught me the #5 rule of anime conventions: If you want to fully enjoy the con, don't be a department head! I offered to be the head of the staff suite, which is responsible for feeding the 150 staff members, a week before the con. Little did I know how much work it would be! With no food on Friday, poor Genjitsu ran around the hotel, desperately looking for a van driver to go to Sam's Club to buy mass quantities of food and soda, all the while being chewed out (err, was that a pun?) by starving staff members. To make matters worse, none of my staff showed, meaning I had to do everything myself! Here's a rather interesting answering machine message:

*BEEP* Where's the #$&*ing food, we haven't eaten since 6 this morning, and we're #$&*ing starving. Do your @#)( job and FEED US! Thank you. *CLICK*

To make a long story short, I didn't attend the con until Saturday, even though I was there since Thursday. Fortunately, late Friday my staff appeared, ready to relieve me of making 150 ham and cheese sandwiches! Things got better from there though, and it was fun turning the bathtub into a fridge! (No alcohol though, just soda, how boring...)

But enough about insignificant me...the cosplayers at ACen were really well done. I really liked the Lina Inverse outfit, as well as the Kenshin group (though they lacked a Sano, hmmm!). And of course, there was the giant Pen Pen, who WAS the Genma panda from last year's ACen. Having cosplayed for the first time at AX98, I thought I would move to the next level, and perform my first skit! Fortunately my trusty sidekick partner Wayne was there, as Chris from the King of Fighters. With his help we were able to perform a pretty funny skit! I apologize for the lack of good pictures...trying to take a camera out while holding a huge sword is a lot harder than I thought! But here's what I have, and yes, the "commentaries" are back!

It'd be greatly appreciated if people would donate pictures of ACen cosplayers for this page! There were a lot of great costumes there, and they deserve to be recognized! (And possibly "commented" on!)

As usual, if you happen to be a cosplayer in any of these pics and find the commentary rude or insulting, please contact me and I will graciously allow you to beat me to a pulp. (That nearly happened to me anyway, as I happened to get a picture of the Vice President of our anime club as Sailor Mars!)

On to the Pictures!


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